Specialized in door and car openings


Dépannage en urgence à votre domicile

The main activity of AZUR CLES in Cannes is locksmith troubleshooting.
Because you do not have the time to wait, our teams of locksmiths will move to your home within one hour of your call.

Need an urgent opening, a temporary closure, a quick lock replacement?
AZUR CLES Cannes is here!

In the area of ​​Cannes, Mandelieu, Antibes, Mougins, Biot and the surrounding area, AZUR CLES and his team will come to help you out in the emergency. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Specialized in door openings (with adequate equipment and tools)
Opening of cars with crochet tools without breaking windows.


A problem with your lock?

You left your keys inside, your door closed alone, and you’re stuck in front of your house? You have lost your keys, and you are stuck in front of your door or unable to open your car? Do not panic, AZUR CLES is here!

In less than an hour, our team of locksmiths will come to your home to help you out. AZUR CLES is the choice of the speed and efficiency of a team of dedicated and competent locksmith craftsmen at the best quality / price ratio.


Quick and effective intervention.

In case of locksmithing problems requiring a temporary closure, prefer AZUR CLES, for a quick and effective intervention. AZUR CLES proceeds to a temporary closure quickly, all over the Cannes region.

Do not wait to see new problems arise, and temporarily close your home to limit the risk of intrusion through our teams, which intervene 7 / 7d and 24 / 24h.


The key to your tranquility

In addition to our emergency services, AZUR CLES is a specialist in Locksmithing. When you move in and want to change your lock, ask us for advice on the best type of lock to choose.

AZUR CLES is a serious and competent locksmith company that advises you on a case by case basis to find a solution adapted to your needs.

AZUR CLES has a versatile team of locksmiths who can simply change a lock or fit a security or armored lock.


Effective protection and security

You do not feel safe at home? You have just been broken into, and want to protect yourself effectively? Choose a multi-point lock with AZUR CLES.

Our locksmith company offers a range of multipoint locks adapted to your needs and your budget.

We realize for you, your free quote.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any advice from our expert locksmith craftsmen.

With AZUR CLES Cannes make the choice of safety.


A burglary, a damaged door after an attempt to open?

AZUR CLES comes in emergency repair your door. These unfortunate events happen often, and to feel safe, call our teams of locksmiths.

AZUR CLES is the locksmith on Cannes and its surroundings and will meet your expectations very quickly and at a controlled price, without neglecting the security of your home!

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